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You are here because you care. On behalf of the South Peninsula Hospital, The SPH Foundation Board and staff, we appreciate you so much. Every day we ask people for their time and energy volunteering and helping out in a variety of ways, which is needed. Likewise, a generous gift of your funds is an incredible way to invest in our community and create substantive, long-term improvements that matter.

Your financial contribution to the South Peninsula Hospital Foundation will help us directly tackle the barriers to community health and allow us to focus our time on developing the programs, building the relationships, and organizing the facility improvements we need to be active and healthy. We recognize the extraordinary opportunities that come with publicly-owned medical facilities, which includes broader services and specialities than the population may normally allow. As a nonprofit, our ability to maintain and continue improving this relies on your help.

Thank you for your gift. A contribution to the South Peninsula Hospital Foundation is an investment in extraordinary impact.

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